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Wake County Community Innovation Fund: APPLICATIONS OPEN MARCH 31st.


The purpose of the Community Innovation Fund is to mobilize 501(c)(3) partners and collaborators working in Wake County to make sure that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible and that an individual’s personal circumstances that negatively impacts their health and well-being are eliminated or reduced.  The Community Innovation Fund will award $100,000 to five organizations addressing the social determinants that increase the risk of individuals experiencing COVID-19.

The Community Innovation Fund will provide funding to organizations doing systems change work in the following areas:  1) access to healthcare; 2) mental health and 3) housing.

The following approaches will be used to fulfill the fund’s purpose:

  1. Build community capacity to reach populations that are disproportionately affected with effective culturally and linguistically tailored programs, policies, and practices
  2. Build and implement cross-sectoral partnerships to align public health, healthcare, and non-health (e.g., housing, transportation, social service) interventions
  3. Identify and establish collaborations with critical partners affiliated with and who provide services to populations that are underserved and at higher risk for COVID-19
  4. Connect grant fund strategies to established Live Well Wake Community Health Improvement priorities for increased alignment and systems-level SDOH improvement
  5. Support systems-level changes, but not individual, direct assistance fees (i.e. paying rent for an individual).

The applicant is encouraged to be innovative in their approach to changing systems addressing one of the areas below.

Access to Healthcare

  • expand access to health coverage for Wake residents at highest risk for COVID disparities

Mental Health

  • reduce stigma associated with mental health support for residents
  • expand access to mental health supports for the most vulnerable residents


  • address disparities impeding access to safe affordable housing

Learning Communities:

LiveWell Wake believes that we learn and improve faster when we learn together. Thus, all selected grantees will be expected to participate in a “learning community” with the other selected grantees. A small team from each grantee project will participate in monthly calls to:

  • Share successes and challenges
  • Learn from one another
  • Connect to other resources
  • Problem-solve together

Live Well Wake

Funded organizations will be expected to participate in Live Well Wake's strategic implementation for key priorities driven by the Community Health Needs Assessment.

RFP Timeline and Accessibility

Equitable practices are to be infused at every level of the decision-making:

  • Simplified application process including features like audio, video submission
  • Blind Application Review (Remove names of applicant organizations)
  • Committee of community representatives from LiveWell Wake will perform application evaluation
  • An assessment of county grant funds received by the applicant to ensure large organizations do not monopolize funding streams


  • March 31st - RFP application goes live
  • May 2nd - 9:00a - RFP closes
  • May 4th - May 18th - Review process
  • May 31st - Awardees notified
  • June 30 - Funding begins

United Way of the Greater Triangle will provide weekly office hours at 10a and 3p on each Tuesday via Zoom:

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Link to Evaluation Rubric: https://unitedwaytriangle.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Wake-Co.-Scoring-Guide-and-Rubric_final.pdf

Submittable Information

We will follow-up with you about your submission by email. Please be sure to whitelist notification emails from Submittable and check the email you used to sign up for your Submittable Account regularly. Check out the Submitter Resource Center or reach out to Submittable's Customer Support team with any technical questions here.

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