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Thank you for expressing interest in speaking at the BlackSEL Summit! We are thrilled to consider your application. All proposed products and services should align with Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), as our aim is to showcase Black-led organizations using their voices to address pertinent topics in front of Urban Districts, Black Parents, and the broader Black Community.
In just two years since its inception, the Black SEL Summit has brought together over 500 individuals for an in-depth exploration of culturally affirming Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) within Black communities. Over three days, the summit shines a spotlight on Black educators, community leaders, and essential stakeholders actively involved in implementing SEL in schools and communities. Our central focus is on fostering the sustainability of SEL practices within Black communities and addressing existing gaps in literature within the field.
Our theme for this year's summit is "Waiting to ExSEL: An Intergenerational Look Connecting The Past To The Present." We are seeking speakers to contribute to the following topics:

  • Black SEL + Health and Wellness
  • Black SEL + Black Men
  • Black SEL + MTSS Supports
  • Black SEL + Adults
  • Black SEL + Liberation
  • Black SEL + Data/ Latest Research
  • Black SEL + Implementation
  • Black SEL + Community Organizing
  • Black SEL + Higher Education
  • Black SEL + Equity
  • Black SEL Providers
  • Black SEL + Collaboration
  • Black SEL + Community Violence 

As part of the speaker package, we offer a speaker fee of $1500, which includes a 6ft vendor table to share resources. Additionally, there is a ticket fee of $275 (Regular price $675) for the 2-day Summit. This admits you into the Summit and Awards Gala.
We are eager to review your application and will reach out with further details, including pricing and other pertinent information, once we have made a decision.
Thank you again for your interest, and we look forward to potentially welcoming you as a speaker at the summit!

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.